Vision Northwest
Primary emphasis is in the application of vision therapy for:

  • Learning-related vision problems
  • Vision issues related to Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and stroke
  • Visual issues related to ADD/ADHD, dyslexia and challenges in learning (reading, spelling, math) 
  • Issues related to Visual Information Processing (VIPS) 
  • Strabismus (eye turning) and amblyopia (lazy eye) 
  • Visual considerations of developmental delays, including Aspergers/autism, cerebral palsy, Down’s Syndrome and others
  • Prevention and recovery of nearsightedness 
  • Visual issues affecting your quality of life 

HANDLE® Institute International, LLC
The HANDLE® Institute provides an effective, non-drug alternative for identifying and treating most neurodevelopmental disorders across the lifespan. HANDLE® incorporates research and techniques from many disciplines. It includes principles and perspectives from medicine, rehabilitation, psychology, education and nutrition. It is founded on an interactive, developmental model of human functioning. The HANDLE® Institute International, LLC offers clinical services, community information, and professional training programs.