Boys crouching next to pondDysfunction in the Tactile System (sense of touch) can lead to problems with writing, grooming, and social interaction.

Take a look at the human body and notice how much of it is covered by skin. The sense of touch plays a significant role in our understanding of ourselves and how we respond to the world around us.

Clues that may indicate a weakness with tactility include:

  • Extreme ticklishness
  • Tendency to touch other people or objects excessively
  • Unusual pencil grasp (e.g. with the tip of the thumb off the writing implement)
  • Dislike of (or reaction to) synthetic fabrics or tags in clothing
  • Sensitivity to socks with seams, elastic waistbands, belts, loose threads, etc.
  • Intolerance of haircuts, hair brushing, face washing, finger nail cutting
  • Inability to sleep with a top sheet on the bed, or with a top sheet that is not tucked in military style
  • Aversion to being sticky, dirty, sandy, messy etc. OR unaware of being this this way
  • Dislike of being physically guided (being taken by the hand or given gentle guidance with a hand on the back)
  • Avoidance of touch (by hands or mouth) of anything “mushy” or “slimy” or having mixed textures
  • Unusual reaction to the application of lotion