Below are some experiences shared by former clients:

“Judy came to us after we had exhausted all the typical methods used to teach a child to read. Our youngest son struggled with visual tracking, auditory, and sensory issues. In regard to the reading problems, our son’s issues could not be resolved by teaching phonics nor by using other normative remedial training. For those who have exhausted other avenues that only resulted in disappointment, Judy has is a wealth of knowledge and invaluable skill sets to offer you. We are grateful for her contribution to the success of our child’s climb over a huge educational hurdle. Our son not only learned to read, but over time gained the skill to complete a highly successful year in high school Chemistry, which required complex reading skills. I highly recommend Judy Russell to anyone that needs assistance with their struggling learner.” ~ Jerry, WA

“We tried several methods to help our son work through learning challenges, but each effort failed. Most methods boiled down to repackaging academics which was not the answer. Finally, we learned about Judy. Through an individualized program our son’s foundational skills became stronger. Things began to click.” ~ Lori, WA